Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Cloud computing will be highly disruptive"

Bangalore: Cloud computing was a big focus of discussion at the Product Conclave. Sharad Sharma, chair of the conclave, called it a "major generational disruption". 

M R Rangaswami, co-founder of management consultancy Sand Hill Group, said a survey among CIOs found that cloud computing today is in the position that the internet was 
in 1997. "Everybody at that point felt the internet would be big and disruptive, but nobody was sure what exactly would happen. And then things like Google happened. It's like that with cloud computing now," he said. Cloud computing, he said, forms about 3% of IT budgets now, but is expected to go up to 20-30% in three years. 

Amitabh Srivastava, senior VP of Microsoft's server and cloud division, referred to a Gartner report that said 80% of Fortune 1,000 enterprises would be using some cloud computing services by 2012, and that 20% of businesses will own no IT assets, being totally dependent on the cloud. 

He said that small and medium businesses were currently more open to adopting cloud computing, since they find immediate value in the cloud's ability to lower significantly the cost of IT and accelerate the time to market. "In larger enterprises, CIOs are conservative. They are trying out cloud computing in some areas," he said.

Reference : Times Of India

Thursday, November 11, 2010

bControl - Find your unsold items for the specific month

It's not that, bControl helps you to know your positive things like your sale and sales growth. Your bControl can even help you to find your challenging part of your business.

Please play this video to know, how can you find your unsold items for the specific month. because it is important to know them and it needs your attention too.

Monday, November 8, 2010

bControl - Sales Invoice Details Report

Your bControl (Business Management Tool) helps you to find each and very invoice individually. Please play the video below to understand how..?

bControl - Monthly Sales Summary Report

We understand that most of your business decisions are based on monthly summaries and comparisons. So your bControl helps you to understand you business details even more closer and faster. 
Play this video to know more about bControl monthly summary report.   

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bControl - FREE Software for Restaurants

Knowledge actually means “Right information to the right people on right time”. An Information System can organize, transform and deliver the knowledge of the people, process, time and cost.

Our products are designed with Human Friendliness and highly simplified for increasing your business management efficiency. It doesn’t need any highly qualified professionals to operate and it is as simple as your mobile phone and applications. Our product helps you to view your business data with high level of reality and different dimensional understanding.

bControlOnWS (Installable Software) :: It is a real-time thin desktop application used to monitor and control the operations on the business and it helps to increase the accuracy and customer happiness. The following features are offered in this installable software, 
1. Point of Sale - along with customized invoice print
2. Sale Return
3. Expense
4. Purchase
5. Purchase Return
6. Customer Management - Keep in touch with your customer by Automatic email and SMS services.

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  • Monthly Sale Return Summary
  • Daily Purchase Summary
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  • Daily Purchase Return Summary
  • Monthly Purchase Return Summary
  • Daily Expense Summary
  • Monthly Expense Summary
  • Customer Wise Sale Summary
2. Sale Invoice Transaction Report
3. Sale Return Transaction Report
4. Purchase Transaction Report
5. Purchase Return Transaction Report
6. Expense Transaction Report
7. Dashboard Reports (Sales Top 10, Division Wise Sale Pie chart, etc)

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Net-access cost to come down soon, says Pilot

BANGALORE: Broadband internet access will be cheaper once the Centre's steps to take information technology to the masses are put in place, Union minister of state for communications and IT Sachin Pilot said here on Thursday. 

The government, he said, has a mandate to connect every single panchayat with high-speed internet access over the next two years. Pilot said IT cannot be only for the educated and the elite and the power of IT should make a difference to every villager. 

At the inaugural session of Bangalore 2010, Pilot said, "It's my endeavour to make sure this image — the psychological barriers we have had of the IT sector — is broken down. This sector is not for the elite and the educated in a few cities." 

He went on: "The real job, the real essence, the real value of the tech sector is not in creating investments and earning dollars. If the sector can improve the life of the common man, that's the true value." 

When panchayats are connected, it'll result in a paradigm shift in the interaction between citizens, state and central governments, and local bodies in terms of quicker, faster and transparent delivery of services, Pilot said. 
Union IT secretary Shashi Kant Sharma said when information is made available online, the twin concerns of security of systems and privacy of personal information need to be addressed. "The IT department will work to create appropriate standards that can be adapted across all government systems," Sharma said.