Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another 23 Articles..!

We have added another 23 articles on your bStore, which includes lot more smaller packs.

Baking Powder - 1Kg PK
Black Mustard (Small) - 500 GM PK
Black Pepper (Big) - 500 GM PK
Black Pepper (Small) - 500 GM PK
Cardamom / Elaichi (Premium : 8 mm)- 250 GM PK
Cardamom / Elaichi (Economy : 7 mm) – 250 GM PK
Fenugreek seeds / Methi(Premium) - 500 GM PK
Fenugreek seeds / Methi(Economy) - 500 GM PK
Cashewnut (Whole) - 500 GM PK
Cashewnut (4 Pcs) - 500 GM PK
Guntur Chillies With Stem (Premium) - 2.5 Kg PK
Guntur Chillies With Stem (Economy) - 2.5 Kg PK
Guntur Chillies Stem Less (Premium) - 2.5 Kg PK
Guntur Chillies Stem Less (Economy) - 2.5 Kg PK
Beydige Chillies (Economy) - 2.5 Kg PK
Kabul Chenna [Zeebra] - 1Kg PK
Green Peas [Clipper] - 1Kg PK
Beaten Rice [Bhagyalakshmi] - 1Kg PK
Sooji [Globe] - 1Kg PK
Cooking Soda - 500 GM PK
Sugar - 100 Kg PK
Cashew 2 Piece Split - 500 GM PK
Ground Nut - 1Kg PK

Since you will get more control on your Inventory, We always recommend you to choose the most appropriate pack size for your daily needs. But you can save more with big pack sizes. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Products @ your bStore

Another 25 articles added to your bStore. 

Cassia Buds / Nag Kessar - 1Kg PK
Idly Rice (Premium) – 50 Kg PK
Dosa rice (Premium) - 50 Kg PK
Dosa rice (Economy) - 25 Kg PK
Vanaspati [Ruchi No.1] - 1L PK
Green Peas [Clipper] - 5Kg PK
Tamarind - 1Kg (500GMS PK X 2)
Turmeric Powder [Kwality] - 1Kg PK
Table Salt [TATA] - 50Kg (1Kg PK X 50)
Table Salt [TATA] – 1Kg PK
Rice Flour - 50 Kg PK
Rice Flour - 25 Kg PK
Custard Powder - 1Kg PK
Sagoo Rice - 1Kg PK
Bengal Gram - 1Kg PK
Green Moong (Premium) - 1Kg PK
Masoor Dal - 1Kg PK
Cumin / Jeera Black - 500GM PK
Beydige Chillies (Premium) – 2.5 Kg PK
Corriander Seeds (Premium) - 1Kg PK
Black Stone Flower - 500GM PK
Moog Dal - 1Kg PK
Fried Gram Whole - 5Kg PK
Rice Flour - 1 Kg X 20
Idly Sooji – 20 Kg PK

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Estimate Your Order Before Funding your bStore Account

Now you have an option to estimate your order before funding your bStore account.

With our latest release, you have a tool called "Krishna's Calculator". which will help you to find your fund requirements for your product needs.

To get your estimated cost of the order, you must add your products to your Pre-Order list. Once your bStore trip plan opens, you will get the estimation from your Pre-Order Summary Screen.

You will find the required fund information from Red color background column of the Krishna's Calculator.

You can use Online NEFT or NEFT through branch option to fund your bStore account only with the required amount.

NEFT Through Branch: Facility offered by your bank for the quick inter-bank fund transfer. You can find the sample application form below, 


You can even collect more NEFT application forms from your bank and use the same to fund your bStore in the future

The NEFT application forms must be submitted to your bank only. And it needs authorized signature on the application like your bank cheque, but it needs only four banking hours to reach your bStore account. 

I6 Format for Quantity Assurance on Product Delivery

At bStore, we are doing lot of innovative moves to offer you with quality supply chain solution.

In recent months, our team encountered many ways to manage and control the quality of the shipment package delivery to your business house. We identified most  specific way of numbering and information mark for the delivery packages to control and manage the delivery without any problems popping up.

And we named that numbering & information mark (symbol) as "I6 format". I6 means "Information Six".  

In the above mark, we have six information available and each package will carry this mark. 

1. Last 3 Digits of your bStore invoice number.
2. Short Code of your business house name / Delivery Location.
3. Running number of the Delivery Package.
4. Total number of Delivery Packages available on the specific trip.
5. Our Service Brand Name (your "bStore"). 
6. Weight of the Delivery Package. (in Kg)

And you will find the Delivery Package Running Number just before each articles listed on the invoice. So you can easily identify the specific Delivery Package directly without opening every package.

Since this mark has the total weight of the specific delivery package, you get 100% assurance that your package is not unpacked without your knowledge. Also in our warehouse, Each product is double checked by our delivery process and our warehouse staff members will get an instant automated warning message if the estimated weight of the delivery package is not equivalent to the actual weight of the delivery package from integrated warehouse management system.

This means...! 

You can simply collect your delivery packages and store it on your storage area without opening and verifying each delivery packages, because it's being guaranteed by our Advanced Information System for you. 

By storing it as a package, you will get more control on your business house inventory, also you can easily implement FIFO (First In & First Out) for all your products. You can also store all your packages in the smallest space of your in-house storage area.

Our New Year Special Edition (NYSE) - bStore Beta R1.1

As we heard from one of our loyal customer that, they were having problem in terms of calculating the total fund required for specific trip plan. And also they suggested us to build some tool, which can calculate the fund requirement much before the trip closing so that they can drop an exact amount of money and continuous with their purchasing.  

That's is where we realized the potential behind this requirement and started our experiment on this. Immediately it's being planned and started with our development team. 

So here we have the following new features in your bStore from now on,
1. Pre-Order List
2. Krishna's Calculator - Order Estimation Tool
3. Anytime Catalog Browsing Option 
4. Sorting options with your Quicklist (QL)  

Yes, it's been named as "Krishna's Calculator". But Why ?

Krishna is the one, who suggested this feature. And he is part of the Management Team at Shanmukha Restaurant, Marathahalli. 

but what you can really do with this !

1. You can go through your products at anytime. No waiting for store opening anymore.
2. You can also add your products to your Pre-Order List at anytime.
3. Get your estimation as soon as your bstore opens. 
4. You have additional options of sorting by Category and Name at your Quicklist.