Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Offline gets Full Power on R1.2

With our latest release(R1.2), you have more power with your offline store. You can search your products, work with your quicklist and prepare your pre-order anytime you wanted since your offline store gets the complete power of  your online store now.

1. Build / Modify your Quick List
2. Search Products
3. Add / Remove Items on Pre-Order

Much More Transparency on your bStore Account Now !

With this new release (R1.2), You can go through your bStore account transaction at any time, No need to wait for the monthly account statement anymore. Your bStore Account becomes much more transparent and also you can get purchase credit limit at your bStore now.
bStore Account Summary on Trip Selection Page
bStore Account Summary on Trip Selection Page 

Your bStore Trip Selection Page has more detailed account balance from now on. In the above example, the Effective Balance field provides the amount due(ie Rs.57,005.25) on your bStore Account. The Available Purchase Limit field gives you the fund availability for your next purchase (ie Rs.16,494.75).

On Monthly Summary Page, You can get transnational level Information like your account funding / payments, purchases and withdrawals. Also you can get the complete invoice detail for all your purchase transactions.