Friday, January 18, 2013

New Products at bStore

We are happy to bring you the following new products at your bStore,

S.No. New Products
1 Apple Cider Vinegar [American Garden]-473mlPK
2 Baked Bean in Tomato Sauce [Morton]-450gPK
3 Black Sliced Olives [Leonardo]-3kgPK
4 Cling Wrap-1No.PK
5 Cornflakes [Kellogg's]-475gPK
6 Disposable Water Cups-100Nos.PK
7 Egg Mayonnaise [Creamica]-450gPK
8 English Mustard Sauce [Colman's]-100gPK
9 Fish Sauce [Real Thai]-200mlPK
10 Green Moong (Premium)-5kgPK
11 Green Moong Split-1kgPK
12 Green Moong Split-50kgPK
13 Green Moong Split-5kgPK
14 Hand Gloves (Plastic)-100Nos.PK
15 Head Cap-100Nos.PK
16 Muesli Raisins & Honey [Vitalis]-375gPK
17 Pepper Sauce [Tobasco]-60mlPK
18 Red Wine Vinegar [Cirio]-500mlPK
19 Soya Chunks [Nutrela]-1kgPK
20 UHT Cream [Amul]-12L(1LPKx12)
21 UHT Milk [Good Life]-12L(1LPKx12)
22 Vanilla Essence [Bush]-20mlPK
23 Walnuts-250gPK
24 Worcestershire Sauce [American Garden]-295mlPK
25 Yellow Mustard Seeds-1kgPK
26 Yellow Mustard Seeds-500gPK

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2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
3. Click the Privacy tab, and then, under Settings, move the slider to  to the bottom to allow all cookies, and then click OK.

Now you should be able to use your bStore - Just Efficient application without any display related issues. Please contact your Relationship Manager for help if needed.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

New App for your bStore - Just Efficient

As we receive lot of new subscriptions and enquiries for the bStore - Just Efficient (Supply Chain Service for Commercial Kitchen), we realize the demand of having unique and independent application for bStore - Just Efficient.

We also introducing new bStore App for your Windows Desktops and Laptops.

File Name :
Version :
File Size : 5.26 MB

Download bStore App
Or Download Here

Note : This is a subscription based service, so you need get the activation done after the installation.  

Monday, October 15, 2012

bStore - Self Service Cash Back

Cash Back Discount for Self Service Purchases & Payments at your bStore.
  • 1% Cash Back Discount on the Invoice value for Fulfillment of all the following Self Service Conditions,
    • Self Service Online Purchase Only
    • Self Service Payment Through Bank (Online Transfer, NEFT – Online, NEFT – Branch & Account Deposit(#)) before bStore Closing.
  • No Minimum & Maximum Limits on Discounts
  • Discount get credited only on bStore Account & Used only for further purchases at bStore.
  • 4-5 Working Days to Credit Discount on bStore Account.
  • No Manual Claim Required / Automatically Claimed if the Self Service Conditions met
  • Reserve the right to change the Percentage Value Or Conditions at any time.
  • SMS updates for Cash Back Credit on Registered Mobile Numbers
  • No other Payment methods (like Cheque, Cash Pickup, Card Payments) avail this discount.
  • No Similar Discount Claimed Together.
  • Reserve the right to withdraw the discount option at any time.
  • Effective only from 15/10/2012
  • No Discount for returning articles (Replacement & Refund Option)

    Note : Order Processing Day / Next Banking Day (before delivery) can be included for availing this discount in case of any National or Local Holiday for Banks on a day before the Order Processing. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Products at bStore

We are happy to bring you the following new products at your bStore,

Agarbathi [Chandan] - 100 Sticks PK
Ariel Green Powder - 1Kg PK
Bru Instant Coffee - 200GM PK
Dosa Rice - 5Kg PK
Gingely Oil [IDHAYAM] - 500GM PK
Match Box [Home Light] (Samll PK X 6)
Miadha - 1Kg PK
Rin Bar - 150GM PK
Sabeena Powder - 1Kg PK
Surf Excel Blue Easy Wash – 700GM PK
Vermicelli [Pilsbury] - 1Kg PK
Vim Bar -125GM PK
Wheel Powder - (500GM PK X 2)