Friday, January 18, 2013

New Products at bStore

We are happy to bring you the following new products at your bStore,

S.No. New Products
1 Apple Cider Vinegar [American Garden]-473mlPK
2 Baked Bean in Tomato Sauce [Morton]-450gPK
3 Black Sliced Olives [Leonardo]-3kgPK
4 Cling Wrap-1No.PK
5 Cornflakes [Kellogg's]-475gPK
6 Disposable Water Cups-100Nos.PK
7 Egg Mayonnaise [Creamica]-450gPK
8 English Mustard Sauce [Colman's]-100gPK
9 Fish Sauce [Real Thai]-200mlPK
10 Green Moong (Premium)-5kgPK
11 Green Moong Split-1kgPK
12 Green Moong Split-50kgPK
13 Green Moong Split-5kgPK
14 Hand Gloves (Plastic)-100Nos.PK
15 Head Cap-100Nos.PK
16 Muesli Raisins & Honey [Vitalis]-375gPK
17 Pepper Sauce [Tobasco]-60mlPK
18 Red Wine Vinegar [Cirio]-500mlPK
19 Soya Chunks [Nutrela]-1kgPK
20 UHT Cream [Amul]-12L(1LPKx12)
21 UHT Milk [Good Life]-12L(1LPKx12)
22 Vanilla Essence [Bush]-20mlPK
23 Walnuts-250gPK
24 Worcestershire Sauce [American Garden]-295mlPK
25 Yellow Mustard Seeds-1kgPK
26 Yellow Mustard Seeds-500gPK

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